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The nice thing about the internet is the fact that a community of enthusiast can get together in a single place to discuss anything they have an interest in. If you're at this website, then you're like me and love Ford Mustangs.  While there are many Mustang Forums to visit, it seems that there is lots of mis-information out there on them, especially the BREMBO® BRAKE PACKAGE 5.0 Mustangs (aka Option 55D).

    Vehicle Registry

    The goal of this website is to create a central location to learn about these unique Mustangs and in the process to begin a "national registry" for the Brembo Brake Package Mustang.
     If you own one, please register here!

    Interactive Features

    Brembo50.com provides it's Members dynamic functionality that is fully customizable:

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    Fast Facts

    Brembo 5.0

    Production Numbers

    2011 Brembo Mustangs
    Coupes : 4,057
    Convertibles: 544
    Total: 4,601

    2012 Brembo Mustangs
    Coupes : 3,811
    Convertibles: 428
    Total: 4,239

    Source: R.A. Marocco via Ford Motor Company

    Rapid Spec of Members

    Brembo Mustangs could only be ordered in 3 Rapid Spec interiors from Ford (Group of Options) 300As were stripped down Standard GTs with Cloth seats, 400As were Premium GTs that came with Leather Seats, and 401As were Premium GT's with extra Trimmings. More details can be found about Rapid Specs on our FAQ page. To date our database of members (250+) shows the following breakdown of what their Brembo Mustangs have in them:

    Updated 9/04/2013
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